The Parking Lot Sunk and Other Bad Ideas

The Parking Lot Sunk and Other Bad Ideas

This town up the road from the last town we lived in decided to build their shopping mall on an old bog. Not sure why they were so surprised when one day a customer parks his pick up in the lot and goes into the store to get some groceries only to return a few minutes later with only his headlights being seen as they were pointed straight to the sky. This was one backwoods town. Quite literally it was in the backwoods. From my early perspective it was as if we had to drive up some mountain logging road and the majestic forest opened up only enough to see clusters of buildings scattered all around.

As you entered this town to the right was what could only have been an abandoned garbage dump, now having reached optimum capacity and commanding quite a spectacular view of the building clusters below some developer related to someone on city council built a trailer park. Up there, taking our place among the lucky others, our trailer was backed into an empty lot (I know, what luck!) and through the thick mud that constituted a road we settled in for another undetermined amount of time.

Behind our trailer was a large gravel hill that sloped up and into the forest above, several hundred feet above. If you climbed that hill, as we often did, you would find that it served as a shortcut to our school. Another benefit of this trailer park. On that hill was a long abandoned plywood fort, that we claimed for the season we were there and when we left another group of kids ran to the fort and raised their flag. The fort needed constant repair because, having been built out of plywood on a hill made of gravel it tended to slide down the hill after awhile. We were keen to abandon it to the next suckers when we left.

Considering this was a town of amazing engineering achievements our family followed suite by taking our rusting yellow wagon and converting it to a super awesome go cart. Using some of that same plywood we stretched the frame of the wagon. We lifted the rear end, put larger wheels on it and modified the handle into some sort of makeshift steering wheel. It was still propelled using external people power but you look awesome cruising along in this magnificent beast! At least it seemed that way until that hot dusty day when we achieved what was probably a new top speed only to have this amazing go-cart split in half. My first vehicular accident. We abandoned the broken buggy, limping back to our trailer not noticing a group of other kids appear out of the shadows and gathering up the pieces and dragging them back for what could only be for their own ‘rebuild’.


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