The Barn

The Barn

Near the end of my time in this mountain top village, my persona had turned quite dark. I had become quite depressed, dark, moody – what might be referred to as Emo today. I sought out satanic music, movies, and spent an incredible amount of time reading cult literature and remaining in deep trance-like states. My lunch hours were spent sitting in the corner of the school cafeteria with a small group of other like-minded individuals. One of these people was a very tall, slender guy who would wear a black full-length trench-coat to school. He wouldn’t talk to anyone except this small group of people. He was also the reason why many cats would go missing each Halloween.

He spoke in a cryptic way and talked about demonic spirits constantly. A few months before that Halloween he began to share that his life was in danger and that there was a real concern that he was not going to live past Halloween. I didn’t seem him around school very often but each time I did this is what he was talking about. After Halloween I don’t recall seeing him at all. I believe I was mildly concerned but was too busy drinking my life away to care, and within a short period of time I was moving away once again so it didn’t matter.

However, among this group of outcasts was a lone female. Number five. In the earlier grades she was a boy chaser, especially the boys midget hockey team. She ended up with a much older boyfriend, who was not in high school and at that point she was ‘hands off’. After what seemed a long time she began to reconnect with her classmates and it was apparent that this guy had ripped her heart out. Now, she found herself sitting at the same table as me and we would spend our lunch hours discussing the various methodologies involved in passing our hands through solid objects like this table we were seated at.

Late one evening, close to Halloween, a group of us hooked up in order to go and hold a seance. This girl sat as the passenger in the front seat, I was in the back seat, and there was a driver, whom I do not remember. There could have been others in that car but my memory is quite fragmented around this particular event. It was pitch dark as we drove out of the mountain top village and it seemed like we had driven for quite a long time. After awhile we came to a stop along an abandoned road and we all hoped out of the vehicle.

Climbing over a fence we slowly made our way down into a farmer’s field, walking for some distance, until we came to an old barn. We entered the barn, and climbed up into the loft. Someone with us brought out a Ouija board and set it up – I don’t remember if it was brought with us or if it was there. We began to use the Ouija board, calling out to the demonic spirits lurking in the shadows. One answered and as it spelled out its name, the group thought it was amusing that it was my name, only with a couple of the letters reversed.

We had the area dimly lit through the use of a couple of flashlights but the manifestations of this demonic spirit was becoming all too real. As the atmosphere began to change, I now found myself becoming fearful and in that moment someone or something entered the barn through the same doors that we did.

That’s it. My mind blanks out from that point and I don’t remember anything. Years later I managed to contact that same girl and very cautiously I asked her about that night at the barn.

“Do you remember the night at the barn?”

“Yes”, she replied.

“What happened?” I asked tentatively.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said. “Don’t ask me about it.”

I tried unsuccessfully to find out from her what had happened that night. Eventually, she let me know that she would tell me at the upcoming high school grad reunion. I was scared and anxious but was preparing myself for what I might find out. She wasn’t there. I tried contacting her again and again but she would not respond. Now, I can’t even find a trace of her.

Number five. A closed fist. Filled with anxiousness and anger. Filled with questions and remorse. Five women. One massively screwed up guy.


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