I Do

I Do

It was the beginning of April and the spring rains were dominating the days, washing away the remnants of winter. My last shift at this restaurant was a closing shift on a Sunday night. Even though my manager knew I was getting married the next day, and even though this was my last shift and that I was being promoted to becoming one of her peers, she still took advantage of me by having me close with her on that Sunday night. Consequently it was quite late when I finally got out of there.

Feeling exhausted I made my way home to the final night I would spend in my parent’s home. All of my stuff was already packed, waiting for the moving truck once my new bride and I returned from our honeymoon. I only had my suitcase and suit for the wedding, already packed in the car as we needed to get going pretty early Monday morning in order to make the ferry from the mainland over to the island where we were going to get married. It was a long but beautiful 8 hour journey to a small coastal city on the island where our old youth pastor who was going to marry us was currently serving.

I walked into my parent’s house and into my bedroom to close my eyes for a few hours. What I found was that they had already packed up my room, taking apart the bed, and stacking everything up against the wall. Once again, although temporary, the feeling was still the same – I found myself homeless. Feeling dejected, I left my parent’s home, and got into my car, driving to my finance’s home. I pulled up outside of her house, turned off the car, and laid the seat back as much as I could. Closing my eyes, I hoped to grab a couple hours sleep, at least, before the drive in the morning.

It was four am and I couldn’t sleep any longer. I was aching, sore, and very tired, but sleeping in the car was no longer an option. I got out, found a small stone, and threw it up to the second floor bedroom window – her window. A couple of small taps later and I saw her bedroom light turn on and she came to the window. With a smile on her face she turned back to her room to get ready for this huge trip.

An hour later and a stop at a local convenience store we were on the highway for the island. The rain had stopped as we boarded the ferry, flowers were in full blossom, including the cherry blossoms, and spring filled the air with a sweet aroma. Arriving in the small city we had just enough time to walk into a local flower shop and get a fresh bouquet of tulips made up for the ceremony. With flowers in hand we made our way to the church and each found a room to change into our formal wear.

It was a small ceremony but a proper one, complete with the music, the march, the vows, the ring, the kissing of the bride, and the march out of the church. No-one but the parents of the pastor’s wife were there to witness it and although the pastor had filmed the ceremony with every intention to give us the tape to enjoy, he inadvertently used the tape to record a hockey game before he remembered to send it to us.

After the ceremony we took a couple of pictures outside the church and the pastor and his family took us out to an early dinner of Chinese food, since we had not eaten since breakfast. We were exhausted and still not very hungry, eager to make our way down to the large city on the island and the inner harbour where we had booked our wedding night room.

Another hour had gone by and it was now sometime after six that evening when we walked into the hotel lobby, still dressed in our wedding outfits. We asked for our hotel room key, only to find that they had upgraded our room for free to their penthouse suite. With suitcases in hand we stepped off our private elevator and into the penthouse suite, complete with a walk around balcony that over looked the inner harbour.

There was a dining room with a hutch full of china and crystal. There was a full kitchen, living room complete with a marble fireplace that was floor to vaulted ceiling, and there was a massive bedroom. With our suitcases lying open in our bedroom and our wedding outfits placed loosely away we made love in front of the marble fireplace before freshening up and walking down the harbour avenue to have a late night dinner.

To Mr. and Mrs. as we clinked our glasses together over dinner. We were exhausted, but we were deeply in love with each other, faces glowing after just making amazing love to one another, and smiles beaming. What a day. What a journey.

I had chosen the most amazing woman in the world to say “I do” to.


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