It’s My Right After-all

It’s My Right After-all

We seem to be living in a world where the demand on others around us to let us do whatever the hell we want as some sort of individualistic right that has been granted to us by our mere existence is getting too much to swallow. Last time I checked we were living in what is supposed to be a civilised society – a ‘developed nation’, and a leader of countries to the rest of the world. Although that last bit is funny to me because it conjures up this exact scenario of an argument now being played out by a bunch of over-compensating men (for the most part) pushing and shoving each other for the spotlight on the world stage. Okay, maybe only one over-compensating man but that is a different story indeed….

We live in a time where being second in line is no longer okay. If we are second in line the shout out is for the venue to create a second line so we can be first in one of the lines. We live in a time where it is impossible to keep up with the trends, the fads, the who’s who and the what’s what. They change in any given moment, based on the manipulation of social media and slick marketing disguised as ‘real-life’ because the reality is that no-one seems to know what reality is anymore.

Fake news. Fake celebrities. Fake advertising. We are all living a giant lie it seems and no-one gives a shit because all anyone wants is to be first in line or at the very least to be given what they want when they want it where they want it to be.

When I drive in the city my defensive driving now includes studying the faces of the other drivers around me and those whose faces betray their selfish ambitions fuelled by their rage of not being singled out and given passage to their wanton desires – those drivers I will turn off the road into any old parking lot in order to avoid. The problem is this severely limits my ability to drive in the city because frightening to me is the growing realisation that everyone’s face is becoming like this one individual.

Our society is crumbling. It is being defined and massaged to a place where selfishness is the currency. Circle the wagons indeed except there is no imminent attack there are only individuals circling their wagons, trying to force their circles into the space of the people next to them who are circling their wagons – making the whole scene rather sad.

I’m no better. I have firmly secured my own parking spot at work and I carry enough authority to make sure I get to keep it – even going as far as to make other people move their vehicles to accommodate mine if necessary. The kicker in that? My parking spot is on a public street.


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