Striving For Contentment

Striving For Contentment

What would it look like if the people we desired to impress were only those we were connected with regionally? I am talking in a real geographic way. What would it look like if we took away social media as defined by the internet? What would it look like if we took away the internet? That such a medium never existed. Would I find myself desiring to have as many blog followers as someone’s blog I read who is based in NYC? Would I be comparing my popularity to a dozen different people I don’t know but are connected to via social media and the internet?

What would it look like if my focus was here at home, in the city I lived in and the province I lived in? Instead of being distracted by everything happening everywhere else but here I just desired to be generative locally? Would my sense of disappointment change because right now it is rooted in some weird tangle of internet imposed standards coming at me from all directions of the world?

Would I be caught up in wanting to be the person who discovered the next amazing meme? Or that I would post the next hilarious tweet that suddenly went viral? What would happen if viral in the context of social media wasn’t even a thing? Could I find contentment and satisfaction in my immediate surroundings? Would I be satisfied to only have limited popularity within the contextual setting that I find myself in? Could I find joy knowing that the range of friends that I have are limited to my ability to interact with them in person, or via a letter or occasionally a phone call?

I would still be informed about world current events through pre-internet mediums such as the television, radio, and printed material such as newspapers and magazines but could that be enough? How would I react if the only external exposure I had to mass comparisons came from paying for my groceries and noticing all the covers of the magazines staring back at me. Would I change what I am doing if to keep up to the Jones’ only meant those in my city and not those who live in some exotic locale somewhere else in the world?

Would I be content?

Could I be content?