The Five Year Exit Plan

The Five Year Exit Plan

Disclaimer: This is in no way definitive and is subject to review as often as the weather changes. But the intent remains constant even if the details begin to blend together over time…

Succinctly stated: We want to move away from here. To There.

The There part is still a bit foggy but it does mean back to the western province where we left a decade ago. The weather is better – although one reading the news over this last year may balk at such a statement considering the extreme winter they had. They started with massive snow storms, followed by province wide flooding that brought complete destruction, and now wildfires raging throughout the province causing the government to declare a state of emergency. However, like they say out here in the prairies over every single minutia of details – that is unusual

Given the extremes in weather they are experiencing – all things considered their weather is still a lot better than here. And you can grow a proper garden there. I know, I just said ‘proper’ as if I am some sort of TV gardening expert. What I meant to say is when I compare what my wife can grow here compared to what she did grow back in that western province there is no comparison. With a growing season here counted in mere weeks – stuffed in-between extreme cold suddenly becoming 20 degrees Celsius within a week – beginning sometime in late May and then having the temperatures reverse sometime in late September it is called a growing season as compared to the western province that enjoy something called ‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’.

Yes, family is all back in this province as well but they are further down the list. Next instead are the roads. Something simple like roadways, which most of us take for granted, yet out here in the middle of the prairies to take roadways for granted is like throwing money away on a new suspension systems, or front end damage or blown tires. One can never really enjoy a drive anywhere on this province’s highway system because between the potholes and road heaves, roadkill, litter, and construction only the more seasoned of drivers are able to successfully navigate the roads without receiving some sort of damage to one’s vehicle.

I have been driving down the highway at night in traffic only to suddenly encounter chunks of plywood and 2*4s all over the road. I have driven through a residential intersection only to pick up a 8inch spike that propelled itself through the sidewall of my brand new winter tires. I have had to hit the brakes and swerve defensively so many times to avoid the fresh remains of some animal now slowly becoming one with the asphalt. And all of this on top of the danger of driving behind others who simply roll down their window and throw garbage out like the world is their ashtray.

Yeah, roadways makes it number two on my list. To take up driving again as a passionate hobby. To enjoy the pristine nature and well-maintained roads of this western province will be a joy. Our road-trips will be more about the enjoyment of nature than honing one’s urban survival skills.

But to pull this off we need a plan and that is where the 5 years comes in. 5 years of deliberate planning, saving and tucking away every dime, every dollar to help with such a move. 5 years to build up some more equity in our home and hopefully catch the next uptick in the residential market, selling on a high rather than a low. 5 years to carefully plan where we want to live and to watch the market there – working hard to try to sell high here and buy low there. 5 years to slowly build up my consulting business – oh, yeah I guess I should talk about that some time – and 5 years to figure out how to take my professional counselling practice that I am doing as one part of my present employment job responsibilities and to turn that into a private practice in the new community.

I think 5 years will be enough time. I know that when we started the two years timeline when moving out here that it was stressful how fast that time went. We are hoping that with this 5 year timeline we can make sure that the whole process is an enjoyable one and it won’t derail us as my wife and I enter the next chapter of life. I don’t think I will be slowing down anytime soon – thinking about retirement as an example – but it is important that this next move helps us toward that end result just in case because as we all know life very rarely goes as we plan – even if we have a pretty awesome 5 year exit plan.


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