Being ‘That’ Person…

Being ‘That’ Person…

I am not sure but I am getting that feeling every time I pull up into my driveway or catch the sideways glances from any of my neighbours whenever I am outside that I might be that person. It is not clear to me what happened or what circumstances occurred to now have me and my wife become what I can only explain as the most hated people on this block. So instead I will plead my case here, through anonymity, and leave the conclusions up to the reader. I have already concluded that I am right and they are all wrong as such is my privilege to do so.

Evidence A: The family across the street from me. This family is the newest family to our neighbourhood, moving in – wow, I think it has been a year now – has time every flown by…

At first I couldn’t figure out what was up with them. They were a very busy family and perhaps with young twin boys such a thing is always implied but there was more to it then that. They are always coming and going and there is always a lot of visitors over there – cars parked all over the block.

For awhile the guy kept bringing broken vehicles to his place, parking them side by side in his one-vehicle driveway or when he ran out of room he would park them on the street. At first it looked like he was fixing them but on closer inspection through my large living room window he was only cleaning them. They would sit there for a few days to a few weeks and then one day they would be gone. Over and over again this happened until I couldn’t put up with having so many vehicles parking all over the street, sometimes blocking my own driveway, so I called the City. I am not sure what happened but coincidentally he stopped dragging home all of these vehicles shortly after.

Instead he turned his attention to misc items like mattresses, or appliances, or other weird large objects kept in large cardboard boxes that were unceremoniously dumped into his yard to stack up against the mattresses and appliances. These objects of curiosity would stay there for weeks until they were then packed back up into his truck and taken away.

On one occasion he helped someone load up a very long cardboard box into the person’s SUV only to have that same person come back about a week later, wait for awhile for the neighbour to show up only then to unload the same box out of his SUV and into the neighbour’s pick-up. The wife drove off in the mini-van urgently (I suspected to go get some money to give back to this driver of the SUV) and upon her return there was some more conversation in their driveway before the neighbour and the driver of the SUV took the long cardboard box out of the pick up and loaded it back into the SUV. Currently there are still a few full-sized appliances sitting at the top of his driveway but it seems he has moved on to different things now – as I have spotted him a few times in what appears to be some sort of security guard’s uniform.

In the meantime I am still contending with all of the wife’s hair clients – of which one of my employees is a client. By contending I mean having to call the City occasionally because these clients are still parking in such a way that they are blocking my driveway. I personally have gone over a couple of times and told the neighbours to move their vehicles away from my driveway in an effort to be helpful.

That was the extent of my introduction to them.Well, apart from yelling at their twin boys to stop riding their tricycles up into my driveway. As you may have read in an earlier entry the boys response to my request was to stick their tongues out at me. Perhaps that is what their parents want to do but feel they are too grown up to do so.

I will continue to present my evidence in upcoming entries but I contend that no wrongdoing can be found in my actions presented with Evidence A. I merely insisted that my driveway not be blocked by the many, many vehicles associated with the neighbour’s various activities and I also insisted that their twin boys respect my private property and stop riding their tricycles up into my driveway. Just because I am unable to see the apparent ‘cuteness’ of these twin boys, that I don’t know them by name like every single other neighbour of mine, or I don’t engage in silly conversations with them like every single other neighbour of mine – or I don’t sit outside engaging in small talk with every single other neighbour of mine should not be counted against me in anyway.

But, apparently it is counted against me and they are pushing for a trial without jury where they will serve as the judge. I have more evidence to share and share I will as I defend myself most passionately against these trumped up charges!


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